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Jimmy Mack's Artist Bio

Jimmy Mack, known professionally as JMack, is a renowned multitalented songwriter, musician, recording engineer, and producer. With over forty years of expertise in the music industry, Jimmy established himself as one of his generation's most sought-after and versatile studio musicians.

Early Life

Jimmy was born in North Carolina under the star sign of Scorpio. His early life was filled with music, poetry, and art. Jimmy realized his passion for music at a young age and worked relentlessly to hone his skills as adrummer, singer, bass player, and keyboardist.At the age of 13, Jimmy picked up his first bass. It was one that his mother picked up from a yard sale, and within six months, he started playing in a local band. Due to his exceptional bass-playing skills, Jimmy was nicknamed "Bass Master"and attracted the attention of The Motown Recording group, Junior Walker and The All Stars.


Jimmy Mack graduated from an all-black high school where he was an athlete and took part in different school clubs. Jimmy later attended college and got his degree in Philosophy and a Doctorate Degree in Divinity. His education played a significant role in shaping his perspective on life.


Jimmy is a professional musician with over 40 years of experience playing for severalR&B groups. Jimmy Mack was a lead singer and bass player for the group Shadows of Soul and opened for well-known groups such as The Friends of Distinction, and The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose.

In addition to being a talented artist, Jimmy Mack became the owner and producer of a small label” Hype Records”. With his knowledge and passionfor music, Jimmy has been able to write and produce songs that resonate with his listeners. Being a producer has helped him amass a huge following over the years. He continues to be renowned for his ability to make profound, innovative, and fresh music.

Artistry And Influence

Jimmy’s musical style encompasses Rap, Gospel, and R&B, and he has a sweet spot for country music. One of the greatest moments in Jimmy Mack music career was meeting country artist Roy Clark. Roy Clark,was amazed by JMack's musical skills and praised him for being a talented artist. Jimmy’s love for country music was sparked by this encountered and made him a big fan of country music.

Through music, Jimmy Mack has been teaching and creating awareness about the black community for years. His desire to teach and create this awareness was sparked when he first made conversations with young athletes and realized they had inadequate knowledge about the worth of the black community.

His love for the black community inspired him to compose the solo, "Blacks Did It," which is a powerful tribute that celebrates the worth and achievements of the black community. The song shows Jimmy Mack dedication to using his talent and platform to promote positive change and raise awareness of black heritage. The solo "Blacks Did It" and "Come get yourMac On" have powerful message and lyrics and exemplifies his distinctive style, which fuses hip-hop, R&B, and soul. Due to his music style and ability to deliver a powerful message through sounds, Jimmy has produced timeless and modern music. The music also shows his ability to make sounds that are impactful and enjoyable to listen to.


Jimmy Mack has a rich discography and has produced various songs and albums under Hype Records. He has also worked on countless projects as a studio musician. One of his most notable works is the "Blacks Did It" single.

Even with his extensive music career, Jimmy Mack has opted to keep the identities of various music groups he associated with private. This is in accordance with his values and beliefs as an individual with a Divinity degree.


Besides his extensive music career, Jimmy Mack has devoted his life to fighting for the rights of juveniles in the court system. Former president Barack Obama has also awarded him a Lifetime Achievement award for his advocacy work.





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